Monoprint Madness

Immerse yourself in a variety of one-off printing techniques that you can easily reproduce at home.  Learn up-cycling methods for creating artworks suitable for gallery or scrapbook and develop at least one artwork completion.  This workshop usually runs for 2 hours.

Up-Cycled Bookbinding

In this workshop you will transform recycled materials into unique and one-of-a-kind books.  We can teach you a variety of book techniques including: single sheet or concertina fold,  pamphlet stitch,  Japanese Stab and Coptic binding.  The workshops run for 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the techniques taught.  All recycled materials and tools are provided.

The Altered Page

This workshop will help you see the potential artwork in every page.  Learn to create artwork using pages from discarded and out of date books.  Draw, paint, stamp or find a hidden poem within the page.  We will show you eco friendly techniques and product you can easily reproduce at home.   This is a very relaxing workshop where you work at your own pace.  This workshop usually runs for 2 hours.

Eco Friendly Crafts for your Kids

Learn how to make play dough, finger paint and glue from natural, household products.  Kid testers are welcome to come and play with the products while you learn.   You will also discover how easy it is to make beeswax wraps  to put in your child's lunchbox to replace single use plastic wrap.   This workshop usually runs for 2 hours.

 Visual Art Workshops

At Eco Art Brisbane we are dedicated to providing workshops which are both informative and enjoyable.  We also protect our environment by using natural materials and techniques wherever possible and in, particular by re-purposing materials which would otherwise go to landfill.

Currently we offer workshops on printmaking, bookbinding, the altered page, Up-cycled jewellery.   Details for all workshops, including our newest addition "Eco Friendly Crafts for your Kids", are listed below.

We can cater our workshops to all ages and skill levels.  We provide all materials needed.  For images of past workshops check out  workshop photographs.  For a quote or more information on workshops please contact us at ecoartbrisbane@gmail.com

Up-Cycled Jewellery

This workshop will help you see the potential for jewellery in everyday objects.  You will learn techniques to transform boardgames pieces, toys and childhood treasures into your own unique jewellery.  We will also teach you how to make miniature book earrings from re-purposed materials.   This workshop usually runs for 2 hours.